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Woman after 40: how to look beautiful and elegant

To be always beautiful and elegant every woman wants, although not every woman admits it. And age does not matter here: beauty is important for a real woman at 18, 40 and 90. There are unique women who always manage to look beautiful, it is inherent in them from birth.

However, many women, especially those who have long crossed the threshold of youth, would like to always make a good impression on others, but lack intuition, taste and sense of proportion. In such cases, the effect of the efforts made not only remains zero, but in general there may be an impression quite the opposite to what the woman aspired to. If you want to interest men looking for women, we will give you some tips.

What knowledge do you need to have in order to look elegant and beautiful at any age, to be sure of its attractiveness and effectiveness? First of all, you need to find your own style, rather than trying to imitate young girls and blindly follow the changing fashion.

Secrets of elegance: cosmetics and make-up after 40 years

Do not forget that a woman after forty is a lady, so she must be perfectly groomed, from the tips of the nails to the tips of the hair. First, deal with your decorative cosmetics.

If your cosmetic bag still has bright pink or bright red lipstick, give it to someone, or just throw it away. After forty years, it’s better to use warm, neutral shades. Bright pencils for the eyes, as well as colored ink, throw away or give them to your daughters – they, unlike you, experiment with their appearance while you can. If you still need an eye pencil, leave brown and grey. It is better to choose brown, not black, and never paint the lower lashes, otherwise you will seem older.

Blushes are used by almost every woman to make her eyes look pale and faded. If you used to use pink blush, now it is better to choose calmer shades, and tonal cream and powder should be bought only branded. Wrongly selected, inexpensive cosmetics can not disguise, but on the contrary, to emphasize all your shortcomings, including wrinkles, so do not save on cosmetics. Remember that on the street makeup looks quite different than in the room, and be careful when applying it.

Secrets of elegance: what color and what clothes to choose

What color to choose if you are looking for a younger man dating an older woman? Of course, you should wear the colors that match your hair, eyes, skin tone, but now the bright, “acid” shades are better off.

Have you always liked the pink color? You can try peach or coral and other soft shades. Models of clothing are also important: stop wearing youth jeans with rhinestones, short tops, embroidered jackets and bright shorts. You may still have slender legs and a beautiful figure, but you’re not a schoolgirl, but a grown-up lady, so you need to look like this.

A woman’s open knees after 40 years are a bit vulgar. Your silhouette – suit or dress “midi”, fit and emphasize your slender figure. The heel should be worn all the time, at least very small: a lady in heels always looks more impressive, elegant and feminine.

If you used to wear bright lacquered handbags and the same shoes, now it’s better to switch to suede things. Now you don’t have to choose a handbag in the same color as the shoes, so it is easier to choose many accessories.

Very important detail – jewelry. The older a woman, the more carefully you should approach the choice of jewelry. Only real or exclusive jewelry is fashionable this season, and this is great: expensive jewelry can hardly be worn in such quantity that it resembles a Christmas tree. However, preferences vary, so remember to be moderate in everything.