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Why‌ ‌Stained‌ ‌Glass‌ ‌Suncatcher‌ ‌Is‌ ‌So‌ ‌Precious‌ ‌

There is something special about stained glass decorations. Maybe it’s the story, emotion and beauty behind it that make it so precious. Most of us are looking for an easy and affordable yet eye-catching way to change a routine environment into an inspiring place.

In such scenarios, stained glass suncatchers for windows are perfect as they can fill a space with shimmering glares and sparkling shade of colors like you never seen before. All you have to do is place them on your windows, and when it will work its magic you can see that your mood is being uplifted along with the vibe of the room.

What is it?

They are available in different shapes and sizes. Usually, it comes in different color combo. They are known as suncatcher as this type of hanging glass décor can catch the rays of the sun perfectly, and as a result your space will be filled with bright colors. Suncatchers are such decorations that can bring a lot of coziness and warmth to a room.

Where can you hang it?

The most common place to place it will be the windows. However, they can also be hanged on furniture, walls and doors. Many people even hang them in their garden. As long as you are hanging it in a place where the sunlight can go through it, you are good to go. It can be placed in your living room, kitchen, bathroom, office and bedroom. The beauty of this decoration is that it goes well in any space and has the ability to turn a boring, ordinary space into a special one. It is seen that many people put stained glass suncatchers in their kid’s room as it is one of the easiest ways to instill the love of beauty and art from a very young age.

Why they are so loved?

With many different stained glass window sun catchers, you are able to create a unique, harmonious composition. They come with suction cup in order to place them onto a window, so you have all the freedom to move them around to create a vibe in the room that fits your mood, personality and style.

Yes, it is true that when it catches the sun rays, it can produce multi-colored highlights in a room. But one of the best things about this decoration is that it can produce vibrant colorful shades even on a cloudy day.

How is it made?

The process of making a stained glass suncatcher is laborious. Besides thinking about what design to do, the process of selection of the glass can be time-consuming as well. The glass is selected based on the level of transparency, shades of colors that will be used and the structure/shape it is going to be. A proper glass selection is quite important as with the right type of glass and design one can turn a simple window hanging décor into a real piece of art.

Fortunately, there are many DIY kits and ready-made stained glass suncatchers that are available in an array of designs and colors. The choice is almost endless. All you have to do is select the one which suits your need the most.