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What is DevOps as a service?

When people talk about DevOps, mostly they mean a cultural shift the teams of an IT company experience to unite in one flawless workflow. However, DevOps is mostly the approach, a set of practices and methods to streamline, optimize and automate software production processes to produce and release top-notch products at high velocity.

That is why so many IT businesses are so interested in DevOps implementation in their teams. To implement DevOps they have two options: either grow their own in-house DevOps team or shake their hands with mature DevOps outsourcing companies to get DevOps as a service. But first things first, let’s discuss DevOps benefits. 

What are the main benefits of DevOps and why do you need it?

Today’s digital world is all about delivering high-performing products as quickly as possible, and all businesses work hard on improving processes of software production embracing innovative tools, technology and approaches to meet (hopefully exceed) rising customer expectations. This is where DevOps steps in and accelerates high-quality product delivery improving collaboration between key software development teams.

The Internet gives plenty of DevOps definitions, as such we decided to explain how we see DevOps. DevOps — is an approach or a combination of practices and principles that promote and reinforce agile software delivery methodology. With DevOps, teams become more productive, allowing businesses to produce more, improve quality and save money. According to the State of DevOps Report, companies that use DevOps hit their profitability and customer satisfaction targets. Here are the main benefits of DevOps:

  1. Fast software delivery. With the right DevOps methods, companies deliver new high-quality and customer-focused products/features fast.
  2. Process automation. With DevOps, processes are fully automated that reduces toil and failure rates. Like deployment automation.
  3. Effective collaboration. The software development process is more transparent with DevOps allowing teams to effectively collaborate which significantly improves their productivity.

Why do you need DevOps as a service? 

DevOps, obviously, can be beneficial enough, when implemented correctly. Some companies choose to create an in-house DevOps team which is a very great idea if you have a lot of time and other resources to invest. Because you’ll need to hire DevOps engineers or SRE (site engine engineering) experts which is not an easy thing to do. Another option is to grow your own DevOps engineers. This way is also rather time and energy-consuming as the DevOps engineer’s learning curve is long and hard enough. For most IT companies, particularly for SMBs and startups, growing an in-house DevOps team is too difficult and causes unnecessary spending. With that, pretty often, IT businesses turn to mature DevOps companies that provide DevOps services

Bottom line

DevOps is a shimmering dream for many IT companies in the digital world. However, to be effective DevOps should be implemented correctly. Many companies do not try to implement DevOp, instead, they are addressing their challenges to professional DevOps companies for them to solve them in the best way possible.