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Some important tips for CS:GO

If you want to become a professional player, there are some tips you should know first. You can also use free csgo cases to make your game more diverse and interesting.

Sensitivity in the game

You need to find a sensitivity that works for you. My suggestion is to set the sensitivity so that a full stroke of the mouse on the game pad gives you a 120-degree turn in the game. In this case remember, if the enemy is behind you, you are dead anyway. In fact, there are not many situations where the enemy is behind you, and the new settings allow you to concentrate on what is in front of you. With low sensitivity in the game, your accuracy of mouse movements increases. As an analogy, a heart surgeon uses the mechanical arms of a robot to make precise cuts. The machines reduce the impact of each movement, and the doctor has better control over the instrument.

Choosing the right play mat is very important. Fabric mats provide some resistance to the mouse, and help reduce all erroneous movements, especially when the mouse is highly sensitive. Different settings have their benefits, I suggest experimentally determining your “perfect mouse sensitivity formula” that will work for you. Since gun control is an issue for beginners, I recommend that they use a cloth mat like the SteelSeries QcK+. At the beginning stage of learning the game, it doesn’t matter what positions you played, distances, your type of mouse grip, and other details. Just adapt to the new experience, find the positions where you’re good at, and stick to them.

Killing AWP

In older versions of CS, AWP weapons played a crucial role, going so far as to have a top-notch sniper decide the outcome of a round, right up until the game itself. In cs:go AWP influence has become less significant, and requires a thorough mastery of the weapon. Practice shooting with AWP is similar to training AIM, with the difference that it requires the appropriate server with the maps we need, plus the special treatment of the weapon.

  1. Player with AWP is important to adjust 400 dpi (1000hz) on the gaming mouse, because the key factor for the sniper is accuracy and speed of reaction.
  2. Reflexes are useful to train on AWP maps, but do not abuse the game on them.
  3. Do not move while aiming or shooting! Aim only when you look out of the corner or just before the shot. (this value does not negate preventive aiming in any way).
  4. When shooting pay attention that the enemy is in the middle of the sight.
  5. Do not use the double zoom, because your field of vision is considerably reduced. Use the 2x scope only when you need detailed visibility, for example under the cars on de_train_se.
  6. The crucial success factor for the sniper is the correct positioning – take unexpected positions where the enemy is on the move.
  7. It works – do not keep the sight on the memorized positions, where the enemy can appear, let him pass a little.
  8. Try to be agile, immediately step aside after the shot, and if possible, change positions.
  9. If you want to improve your rifle, use