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Making jewelry by casting

Earrings, rings and pendants. Did you know that almost all of these categories of jewelry are created by casting? Casting is one of the oldest forms of metalworking that has no equal in jewelry making. Behind each new creation of a master is labor-intensive work that requires precision, meticulousness and filigree skill. Casting enables craftsmen to reproduce their most intricate ideas in gold. This method produces the best results: beautiful and high-quality jewelry. This is on condition, of course, that all the rules of this complex technological process are followed.

Today, casting technology is constantly being modernized. In particular, new equipment is being introduced (3D printers, machine tools and stereolithographic systems). With their help, the most complicated and unusual jewelry can be embodied. What are the peculiarities of the casting method? Why is this method so widespread in jewelry? Every piece of jewelry goes through a long process of creation. In this article, we will tell you a little bit about the casting process. This method has been used all over the world for several thousand years and it is still relevant.

Features and advantages of the casting method

The technology of jewelry casting is one of the most ancient types of metal processing. What is peculiar about the casting method? It allows you to create jewelry of varying complexity, reducing the production losses of precious metals. These possibilities attract producers from all over the world who wish to broaden their assortment of items.

The casting method allows us to make precious objects of incredible beauty and unusual design. Each piece of jewelry will be made with the utmost precision. Even the smallest piece can be complex and intricately shaped, and the surface of the piece can have an unusual relief. Casting can be used to create both small parts and entire compositions. Casting jewelry is a labor-intensive process that requires a great deal of skill and expensive equipment.

Where does the production of a piece of jewelry begin? With an artist’s idea, which is made out in a sketch and then assessed in terms of technological feasibility. With the help of CAD technology, a prototype is created as the first model, which is then reproduced in metal by means of casting. After that you can buy engagement rings vancouver and other jewelry in specialized stores.