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How to Write New SAT Essay: Step by Step Guide

Properly written university application documents are the key to success in enrolling in the university of your choice. How long should gre essay be? That you have to find out before you start. Here you can find tips on how to write a motivational essay correctly. 

The preparatory stage

Before writing the essay, think about the content. Try to make a list of questions that will need to be answered during the essay writing process.

  • Who are you? What is important to you? What do the results you have achieved during your studies or other activities tell you? Back it up with concrete examples. Don’t just write, “I’m smart”. Tell how you solved a difficult problem. Don’t just say, “I’m motivated”.  Describe a goal that you set and achieved. Tell how you achieved it.
  • Why did you choose this particular field of study? What is it that attracts you to it? Why do you want to dedicate your life to this particular profession? Don’t just say, “Chemistry is my favorite subject”. Tell what impression you were made by your first experiments on your own or how you became fascinated by a particular idea or phenomenon.
  • Why did you choose this particular university? Learn as much as you can about the university. Identify what it is that makes this university special? Don’t just say, “This university is a great place”. Write down the academic strengths that appeal to you, name a professor doing research in your field there, or a research center working in that area of expertise. Describe the uniqueness of the university.
  • What are your professional goals? Don’t just say, “My goal is to get a degree from the university”. Demonstrate how the education you want to pursue fits the logic of your personal and professional development. Your education will be a continuation of what you have already begun and will help you achieve your goals.
  • If you don’t have time to write a good paper, it is better to Buy custom essay.

Essay Writing

Start by writing down your answers to the preliminary questions. Organize your ideas: write a plan.

Paragraph 1

Introduction. Grab the reader’s attention with something exciting. Formulate the main idea at the beginning of the essay.

Paragraph 2, 3, 4

Main part. Provide evidence to support your main idea. If it is appropriate, give specific examples from your life, studies, or work. You could write about your family, your country, someone you admire.

Final paragraph

  • Repeat and reinforce your main point. Relate the conclusion to the beginning of the essay. Perhaps you should add a note of optimism to your text.
  • Find a convincing, sincere tone, not very formal, but not quite colloquial either. Your style reflects your personality.
  • Achieve specificity. Always choose the particular rather than the general. Don’t just say, “I’ve always loved philosophy”-name a philosopher who has had a great influence on you.
  • Avoid generalities and false emotions.


  • Structure. Is there a logical connection between paragraphs? 
  • Sincerity of tone (avoid overly emotional adjectives and adverbs). Does the text sound like you?
  • Unity of style: is it professional? Conversational? 
  • Length of the essay? Write briefly, comply with the requirements for the essay, shorten everything unnecessary. 
  • Isn’t it boring? Imagine reading 50 essays a day to an admissions committee. 
  • What helps your essay stand out? 
  • Show your essay to a professional if possible.
  • Rewrite it again and again.

Common mistakes

Below is a list of the most common mistakes many writers make when writing an essay and shaping its structures.

  • Fear of being misunderstood or unaccepted in society for your own poor judgment. It is important to remember that a personal opinion cannot be wrong, because it is not anchored by official data, but only supported by your judgment.
  • Poor study of the material provided. You can’t write about what you don’t know. If the text of the essay has global errors, incorrect definitions or lost logic – it threatens serious consequences.
  • Inarticulate interpretation of the question, wrong answer to it.
  • Lack of specified references or names of the author’s works.
  • The use of other people’s materials without personal changes.

The whole appeal of the essay and its types lies in the absence of strict boundaries, prohibitions. Absolute independence in creativity, the possibility of expressing your own opinion and sharing your experiences with others is what the free text of the essay will allow. You can also Buy college papers to make sure you prepare a quality paper.

Features of the essay

The fixed features of the educational standard essay program will be a fixed character in the program of your college. The standards cannot be changed, otherwise the text will no longer be an essay.

  • The presence of a certain topic or problem.
  • Expression of vivid emotional impressions.
  • Colored phraseology.
  • The personality of the writer is valued in the essay.
  • Small volume of the essay on the article.
  • Concretization, a clear answer to the question posed.