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Benefits of CVS Pharmacy

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Company information

CVS Pharmacy (formerly known as CVS/pharmacy) is a subsidiary of the U.S. retail and healthcare network CVS Health, headquartered in Woonsocket, Rhode Island. Originally the brand was called CVS Consumer Value Store and was located in Lowell, Massachusetts, since 1963. The general manager of the company claims that the main purpose of the pharmacies is Convenience, Value, and Service.

The retail chain belonged to the original holding company Melville Corporation from its inception until CVS Health separated from the main company into its own brand in 1996. Today, the CVS Pharmacy brand is the largest pharmacy chain in the United States by number of outlets (over 9,600 in 2016) and by total revenue. As a retail pharmacy division of CVS Health, CVS Pharmacy is the 7th largest U.S. Fortune 500 corporation in 2016. The main competitor of the retail chain – Walgreens Boots Alliance – took 37th place in this list.

Company activity

CVS Pharmacy brand sells prescription drugs and provides a wide range of other products and services such as: patented drugs, beauty products and cosmetics, photo printing services, seasonal products, greeting cards and semi-finished products. You can order and buy them through CVS Pharmacy and Longs Drugs stores, as well as online at

The domain is visited by at least 26 million visitors annually, according to the survey. The CVS Pharmacy brand no longer owns the domain name, which it acquired when purchasing the Soma online pharmacy. It is funny that this domain now belongs to the lingerie brand with the same name from the famous clothing retailer Chico’s.

The retailer also provides medical services through more than 1100 of its MinuteClinic medical clinics as successfully as it does through its own Diabetes Care Centers. Most of these clinics are located directly in CVS Pharmacy stores.

They can prescribe drugs, get vaccinations, and offer prescription and non-prescription recommendations for drugs and supplements. The management is constantly striving to improve the work of their departments and make the shopping process even more pleasant for customers. Thus, various options for saving and improving the range of products are constantly offered. On the shelves of pharmacies are the latest products for beauty, healthy nutrition, as well as a wide range of medical and health products and other products. By 2004, all CVS stores were able to receive electronic recipes.

It should be noted that in the north-east many stores of the main CVS company may not have pharmacies. But as of today, the corporation rarely builds new stores without pharmacies, and outside New England the number of such stores gradually stops. As a rule, new stores without a pharmacy department in cities are built where there is already a CVS pharmacy within walking distance. This is especially true for places like Boston city center or Providence. These stores usually do not have a pharmacy or photo center and offer health and beauty products, health food, and the like.

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