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Thank you for your interest in becoming a consultant for the Administration on Developmental Disabilities’ (ADD) Youth Information, Training and Resource Centers (YITRC) Grantees. Enterprise Services & Technologies, Inc. (EST) is responsible for recruiting and coordinating qualified consultants for the YITRC effort. Technical assistance (TA) is provided to grantees in areas that they identify. TA may address the following topics:

Accessible technology
Best practices for one-stop centers
Coalition building
Employment for people with disabilities
Establishing information centers
Establishing and maintaining youth mentoring programs
Leadership development
Logic model development
Staff/mentor training
Topics of interest for youth and young adults with disabilities
Transitioning (including health and education related transitioning)
If you have experience in any of the above areas, or in other areas that relate to youth and young adults with disabilities, we encourage you to apply to be a consultant by filling out the following contact form. YITRC grantees interested in providing peer-to-peer consultation are strongly urged to apply.

Please contact the TA contractor for more information:

Peggy Stevenson
Project Manager
Enterprise Services & Technologies, Inc.
912 Thayer Avenue, Suite 202
Silver Spring, MD 20910
Telephone: 301-588-6046
Facsimile: 301-495-2330

If you need assistance completing this form,
please contact EST (301-588-6046 or